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Over 280,000 gallons of margaritas and 6 million tacos sold since 1975!

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Chile Con Queso - $6.75

A bowl of melted cheddar cheese with finely chopped onion, tomato, and jalapeños.


White Con Queso - $6.75

A bowl of melted jalapeño cheese blend with spinach and other spices.


Guacamole - Market Price

An old family recipe. Chopped onions, tomatoes and a dash of seasoning are added to the freshest avocados in town.

Also available in half orders.


Nachos - $8.00

A mountain of chips with beans and cheddar. Add beef, chicken, chorizo or pork for $1.45. Add bacon for $2.00.




Cheese, Jalapeños, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato - $1.25

Chorizo, Chicken, Shredded or Ground Beef, Pork, Chili Pork - $1.95 per item; Bacon - $2.50 per item

Pico de Gallo - $1.25

Spicy Pico de Gallo (without cilantro) - $1.50

Sour Cream - 1.45¢

3 Tortillas (flour or corn) - $1.85



a la carte

Bean Burrito - $4.25

A flour tortilla, stuffed with beans, topped with special red sauce and melted cheddar.


Burrito - $5.25

Flour tortilla with shredded pork and beans, special red sauce and melted cheddar. Add a fried egg on top for $1.00.


Burrito Papas - $4.75

A vegetarian delight. A flour tortilla stuffed with potato, chiles, beans, and melted cheese. Add bacon for $2.00.


Enchilada - $4.00

Cheese and onion inside a corn tortilla and topped with

special red sauce and melted cheddar.


Flauta - $4.50

Your choice of pork or chicken wrapped inside a corn or flour tortilla then deep fried. Served with sour cream.


Quesadilla - $5.00

A folded flour tortilla loaded with melted cheddar. Perfect for younger appetites. Add pork, chicken or beef for $1.45 or shrimp for $3.10. Add bacon for $2.00.


Soft Taco - $4.75

A flour or corn tortilla filled with shredded pork and spicy pico de gallo sauce.


Taco - $3.35

A large crispy corn tortilla filled with 100% ground chuck,

lettuce and cheddar; Flour tortilla add $1.00


Tostada - $3.00

A crispy corn tortilla covered with beans, shredded

lettuce and cheddar, topped with red sauce.


Tamale - $5.35

Corn masa filled with choice pork, steamed hot and topped with red sauce and melted cheddar.


Burrito Desebrada - $6.00

Shredded beef and beans with salsa, onion and jalapeño wrapped inside a flour tortilla. Spicy and delicious.


Chile Burrito - $6.00

Chunks of choice pork and beans rolled in a flour tortilla topped with special red sauce and melted cheddar.


Chile Relleno - $6.50

A large batter fried anaheim stuffed with queso blanco and

covered with special red sauce and melted cheddar.


Guacamole Enchilada - Market Price

Guacamole, cheese and onion inside a blue corn tortilla covered with our mild green chile sauce.


Guacamole Tostada - Market Price

A crispy corn tortilla buried under a generous serving of our famous guacamole.


Taco Sonora - $5.75

Shredded beef inside a deep fried flour tortilla topped with lettuce, cheddar, and pico de gallo sauce.

From the Grill

Fresh Fish Tacos - $11.50

Two tacos served with grilled fish and pico de gallo. Includes rice and beans.

Your choice of soft corn tortilla or crisp taco shell.


Fajitas - $13.50

Chicken, beef or combo, served on a sizzling skillet with peppers and onions. Includes rice, beans, tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, diced tomatoes on a garnish salad. Combo shrimp fajita $3.10 extra.


Shrimp Fajitas - $19.95

Served with rice, beans, tortillas, sour cream, guacamole and diced tomatoes.


Street Tacos - $12.25

Chile Chipotle seasoned beef inside soft white tortillas, served on the side with fresh  cut cilantro, diced white onions,

pico de gallo, rice and beans.


Shrimp Enchiladas - $15.00

Two shrimp, cheese and onion enchiladas covered with tomato, shrimp and serrano pepper sauce. Served with rice and beans.


Fajitas Quesadilla - $12.50

A flour tortilla loaded with cheddar and chicken, beef or combo.  Served with rice and beans. Combo shrimp quesadilla $3.10 extra.

dinner specials

One - $12.75

Two enchiladas, a taco, and one tostada. Served with rice & beans. Your choice of meat on enchiladas.


Two - $11.75

Our pork burrito, taco and tostada served with rice & beans.


Three - $11.75

A choice pork tamale with chile pork gravy, beef taco and tostada. Served with rice & beans.


Four - $11.75

Large chunks of choice pork in a spicy sauce served with corn or flour tortillas.

Comes with a side of rice & beans.


Five - $12.50

Our pork burrito, enchilada and tostada with a generous portion serving of guacamole.


Six - $11.50

CHILE RELLENO - Our delicious batter fried Anaheim pepper stuffed with white cheese,

covered in red sauce and melted cheddar, rice & beans.


Seven - $11.75

ENCHILADAS - Two cheese and onion enchiladas. Served with rice & beans. Your choice of meat.

Add chicken mole sauce for $1.00.


Eight - 12.25

CHICKEN CHIMICHANGA -Shredded chicken, beans, red and green bell peppers wrapped inside a golden fried flour tortilla,

topped with chile con queso. Served with Mexican rice and beans.


Nine - $11.25

HUEVOS RANCHEROS - Two fried eggs served with chunks of lean pork and your choice of corn or flour tortillas,

rice & beans.


Ten - $11.75

HUEVOS CON CHORIZO - Scrambled eggs mixed with spicy mexican sausage and topped with melted cheddar.

Served with rice & beans, flour or corn tortillas.


Twelve - $11.75

TAMALES - Two homemade tamales, topped with red sauce and melted cheddar cheese, rice & beans.


Thirteen - Market Price

GUACAMOLE TOSTADAS - Two crispy corn tortillas buried under our guacamole. Served with rice & beans.


Fourteen - $12.25

TINGA BURRITOS - Two burritos filled with beans, shredded chicken basted in tomato-chipotle sauce, topped with chile con queso, served with rice and beans and a garnish salad.


Fifteen - $10.50

TACO SALAD - A mountain of choice ground beef, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. A meal by itself.


Sixteen - $12.45

BURRITOS - Two burritos topped with red sauce and melted cheese, rice & beans.  Your choice of meat.


Seventeen - $11.75

SOFT TACOS - Two corn or flour tortillas filled with shredded pork and special spicy pico de gallo sauce, rice & beans.


Eighteen - $10.50

FLAUTAS - Two corn or flour tortillas filled with your choice of chicken or pork then deep fried. Served with a side of sour cream, rice & beans.


Nineteen - Market Price

VEGETARIAN - Guacamole, cheese and onions inside two blue corn tortillas and

covered with a mild green chile sauce, rice & beans.


Twenty - $11.25

TACOS - Three tacos served with rice & beans.

Your choice of meat.


Twenty-One - $11.75

CARNE DESEBRADA - Two of our desebrada burritos served with rice & beans.


Twenty-Two - $11.75

SONORAN TACOS - Two deep fried flour tortillas with shredded beef, lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo sauce.

Served with rice & beans.

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